I'm beyond thrilled to have you.

Welcome to our clique!

My heart & soul has gone into creating a limitless space that fits into the needs of a creative. Join me at Our Clique [Click] Studios. A space where everyone is welcome. 

Fully equipped with a half-bath, heating + air conditioning, seven windows that flood the space with natural light along with accommodations to keep your sessions private.


We are located smack dab in between Buffalo & Rochester. My hometown; Batavia NY. While we may not be located in your prime city, you have the opportunity to bring in clients from the best of both worlds. We are surrounded by a handful of local restaurants + spots to grab a bite & get to know your clients as well.

Our Clique brings you boho, mid-century modern, minimalist vibes. All things bright & neutral featuring a brick wall to give you an industrial feel-

Set up with a white platform bed, sofa, seating arrangements + dressing accommodations, Our Clique is sure to be fulfilling to your Lifestyle Photography needs.

Select the date you'd like to rent the studio.

Reach out via contact form or email to inquire about rental dates.

We'll send you a full proposal + information reguarding your rental!






2 hour rental

Our Clique is available to rent at a starting two hour rate giving you the opportunity to create & serve your clients.


two-hour window

 full-day rental


Our Clique [Click] Studios is available to rent for a full day giving you the opportunity to create & serve your clients. Inquire the full day rental to receive a discount.

full-day rental

**If you'd like to utilize the studio longer, you're more than welcome to at $75 per extra hour.

Rental Windows & Starting Prices


Total rental cost is due in full when booking your rental date.
Rental Costs are completely non-refundable. 

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